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January 24, 2016

Kevin Staker Profile at California State Bar

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The California State Bar profile of Kevin Staker can be found at  Kevin Staker is a living trust attorney in Camarillo, California.  He has been a State Bar member since 1981.  He was previously admitted to the Utah State Bar.

Kevin Staker has a juris doctor degree from the University of Utah.  He has a masters of laws in taxation degree from New York University.

By Kevin Staker

January 19, 2016

Various Sites Regarding Kevin Staker

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The site regarding Kevin Staker is found at  There are a number of reviews of Kevin Staker, living trust attorney in Camarillo, California, on  Kevin is an AV rated attorney under the Martindale-Hubbell system.  He receives a 4.8 of 5 stars rating on the site.

Kevin Staker can also be found on Twitter at  Kevin has begun to tweet more often.  However, not as often as he should.  There are a few places where what he writes gets published also.  One of those places is tumblr blog of Kevin Staker showcases his views on the threat of the federal budget deficit.

It is fascinating that the yelp site on Kevin Staker does not have any reviews.  This site is found at  If you are a client of Kevin Staker please post an honest (but hopefully good) review of Kevin Staker as a Camarillo living trust attorney.

It is also interesting that the personal facebook site of Kevin Staker fails to have much visibility.  This site is found at  The business facebook site of Kevin Staker is on the other hand found at  This site is more visible.  Interesting how this gets placed in its priority.  This work is paying off to drive negative item lower in visibility.  However, this is taking quite a bit of work.

Next, Kevin Staker intends to make his blogspot site a site on Medi-Cal planning for long term care.  This will take a bit of work.  This site is found at  It is important to put out this information.  It is amazing home many waste their money on paying for long term care in a nursing home when Medi-Cal will pay.

Finally, the Xing profile of Kevin Staker can be found at


We shall see if this gets noticed more.

By Kevin Staker


January 18, 2016

Travel Blog of Kevin Staker, Camarillo Living Trust Attorney

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The travel blog of Kevin Staker, a living trust attorney in Camarillo, is on Quora at  Kevin Staker intends to post regularly on such site.  He does travel quite a bit and his insight may be helpful.

A past post was on his hike to Bear Creek Canyon Oasis.  Another post was on his hike from rim to rim in the Grand Canyon.  He intends to post another on a South Rim Grand Canyon hike in September 2014.

By Kevin Staker


January 17, 2016

Kevin Staker is On Instagram

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Kevin Staker, the Camarilo, California, living trust attorney, is found on Instragram at  He frequently posts his pictures on Instragram, especially some videos.  However, the main places for Kevin Staker posting videos are at YouTube and Vimeo.  Kevin Staker does post some pictures on Flickr as well.

By Kevin Staker


Thanks to Paul Bishop – Renaissance Man

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Thanks to Paul Bishop for his complimentary blog post.  The post can be found at  Paul is quite the Renaissance man.  He is a writer.  He is a speaker on various topics, in particular interrogation techniques.

I very much enjoyed Paul’s latest book, Lie Catchers.  A list of his books on Amazon can be found at  I in particular love the personal stories he tells at the end of his books.  His story at the end of Lie Catchers about his first arrest as a rookie police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department is hilarious.

Paul is also the editor of the well regarded Fight Card series at Amazon.  His work promoting and assisting other writers is marvelous.

Well done, Paul

Keep up the good work

Kevin Staker



January 15, 2016

Kevin Staker Photos Now on Flickr

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Photos by Kevin Staker can now be found on Flickr at

Kevin Staker also can be followed on Instagram at

Will be interesting to see what effect these items will have on the management of pages.

By Kevin Staker