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February 20, 2016

Living Trust Video Seminar by Kevin Staker Latest Update

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Living trust attorney Kevin Staker has posted an updated version of his short (17 minute) seminar on the web (webinar) on living trusts. The living trust video of Kevin Staker is found on Vimeo.


The Summary follows:

Three ways to plan your estate

1.  Do nothing: expensive fees and costs in probate, law decided who gets your assets, and judge selects your executor.

2.  Have a will, just as expensive, still must be probated.  But at least you decide beneficiaries and executor.

3.  Living trust, best, much less expensive at death or incapacity, you select successor trustee and beneficiaries.

Living trust also results in full step up in income tax basis for a couple, as opposed to half in joint tenancy.  Living trust s also best way to protect children from a prior marriage as well as to reduce or eliminate estate taxes.

Kevin Staker offers a free initial consultation on a living trust.

By Kevin Staker