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November 29, 2013

Some Additional Sites Regarding Kevin Staker of StakerLaw

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Several sites regarding Kevin Staker are the following:

The Merchantcircle site regarding Kevin Staker is This Merchantcircle site has some contact information.

Another site regarding Kevin Staker of StakerLaw is found at This is the YouTube site with a number of videos from the travels of Kevin Staker.

The site at PRLog regarding a press release and Kevin Staker is found at   This related to a temporary change in his estate planning blog.
Yet another site regarding Kevin Staker is found at  This is a Xing site and has the profile of Kevin Staker. has some interesting information on Kevin Staker.  In particular, it is one of the few websites regarding Kevin Staker that shows his attorney’s fees.  This site is very informative.  This site on Kevin Staker can be found at

The Vimeo website on Kevin Staker is found at  The Vimeo site has several videos posted by Kevin Staker.  In particular, this site has the Living Trust video seminar of Kevin Staker.

Whatever happened to MySpace?  Time was when it was more popular than Facebook.  Justin Timberlake invested in it to revive it but his efforts appear unsuccessful. Notwithstanding, the MySpace profile of Kevin Staker can be found at