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June 13, 2009

Personalized Web Address of Kevin Staker on Facebook

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Facebook now allows a personalized web address for its users.  Before each user just had a number assigned as part of their web address.  The Facebook address of Kevin Staker has now been changed.  It is

Facebook is the main social media site of Kevin Staker.

June 11, 2009

SuperLawyers of Kevin Staker

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The SuperLawyers listing of Kevin Staker is located at (pretty long url, no?).  Kevin Staker is an estate planning attorney in Camarillo, California

June 10, 2009

Kevin Staker on Zoominfo

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Kevin Staker notes that the offending posting if you Google “Kevin Staker” has been pushed down to the top of page three.  In pig latin the site is ipoffreport-ray dot com (we do not want to have a possibility of helping its page rank in any way).  The result immediately after it is  This is the profile of Kevin Staker.  Hopefully this and postings elsewhere will have its rank supersede the spurious result.

by Kevin Staker

June 7, 2009

Kevin Staker Profile on Friendster

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In his ongoing quest for online reputation management, Kevin Staker has a profile on Friendster.  The link is at  This is the next link below the spurious posting that has prompted Kevin Staker to engage in this ORM.

Kevin Staker

June 3, 2009

LinkedIn and Kevin Staker

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Just a reminder that I use Linked In for Professional Contacts

If you wish to network with me, you might want to do it via my  Linked In site: click here.

I would be glad to reciprocate in recommending you (if I am acquainted with you).

Kevin Staker

Kevin Staker Has Started Two Theme Blogs

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I have decided to start separate blogs for several topics the first is the Spiritual Living Blog of Kevin Staker.  It is located at  “Kevin Staker” at Friendster:

The second is the Online Reputation Management Blog of Kevin Staker at Blogsome: .

I intend to start other blogs on politics and business/the economy

Kevin Staker