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December 17, 2013

Yelp Has Updated Title of Its Page on Kevin Staker at StakerLaw

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Previously Yelp showed the listing of Kevin Staker as an attorney at StakerLaw as “Staker Kevin G”. Yelp has now updated the listing to be titled simply “StakerLaw”.

This Yelp page regarding Kevin Staker can be found at

Kevin Staker is an estate planning attorney in Camarilo, California, who specializes in living trusts, probates, trust adminitration, and Medi-Cal planning for long term care.

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December 5, 2013

Another Post on Travel Blog of Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has posted on his Travel Blog at  The post focuses on a great hotel and a great restaurant in Venice, Italy. is the official travel blog of Kevin Staker.

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December 3, 2013

Political Blog of Kevin Staker

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The political blog of Kevin Staker can be found at  The focus of this blog is the federal government budget deficit, how is it leading us to economic ruin if we do not reduce it, and how we can share the sacrifice in reducing it.  The theme will be “Needs, Not Wants” or in other words, live within our means.

Kevin Staker will post comments hopefully periodically.

Again, this blog can be found at

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Travel Blog of Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has begun a blog regarding travel.  The travel blog of Kevin Staker can be found at  This blog will discuss travel and related issues.

The first post discusses the general travel favorites of Kevin Staker.  The blog is on Quora.  The Quora profile of Kevin Staker can be found at  In particular, he discussed Italy, Utah and La Quinta in the Coachella Valley.

By Kevin Staker

The Site on Kevin Staker

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The site of Kevin Staker is located at   The site needs an updated profile but is fairly highly visible.  Some additional clients could be requested to provide reviews.

Kevin Staker also had added some other websites that will be referenced later.    He is a certified specialist in estate planning, probate and trust law.  He somewhat ironically has particular expertise in estate tax planning for two ends of the financial spectrum.  Kevin Staker on the one hand has given seminars to other attorneys on estate planning for high net worth individuals.  On the other hand, he is expert on planning to get the countable net worth of individuals down so they can qualify to Medi-Cal to pay for long term care or for the Veterans Administration to pay an “improved pension”.

Kevin Staker can be reached at 805-482-2282.

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