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October 16, 2015

The Curriculum Vitae (Resume) of Kevin Staker is Located at

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The online curriculum vitae of Kevin Staker can be found at  This site shows the work history, education and other relevant matters regarding Kevin Staker of StakerLaw Tax and Estate Planning Law Corporation.

Kevin primarily practices in the areas of living trusts, probate, Medi-Cal planning, trust administration and conservatorships.

His office in located in Camarillo, California

By Kevin Staker

May 26, 2015

Reminder – Travel Blog of Kevin Staker Is On Quora

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The Travel Blog of Kevin Staker is located at

This is the Quora blog site.  The latest post is on the arduous hike to Bear Creek Canyon oasis above La Quinta.  It is found at

By Kevin Staker


April 23, 2015

Typepad Blog with List of Kevin Staker Sites

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The Typepad blog of Kevin Staker is a good source of links to his content.  The blog is found at    Some of the sites include the Visual CV of Kevin Staker found at  This has a good curriculum vitae of Kevin Staker.

The site also refers to the updated webinar of Kevin Staker on living trusts in California.  The living trust webinar is found at  Hopefully this will be updated to improve the sound quality.

This site also could have listed the site referring to Kevin Staker.  This is found at

By Kevin Staker

Kevin Staker is a Source for Legal Advice on Autism

Kevin Staker is a source of assistance for families with a child with autism.  The best tool he believes is a special needs trust set for the child under the living trust for the parent(s) after the parents are gone.  Kevin Staker feels setting up an irrevocable trust now is rarely necessary, and does have some cost to maintain.

A good referral source is the Autism Society.  They have a referral page to Kevin Staker located at  This shows the confidence of the Autism Society in Kevin Staker as a source of assistance to families with children with autism.


April 22, 2015

Stumbleupon Profile of Kevin Staker

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The stumbleupon profile of Kevin Staker is found at

This site shows the likes of Kevin Staker



BY Kevin Staker

Delicious Proflle of Kevin Staker

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The profile of Kevin Staker may be found at

This site should raise awareness and do some good.

By Kevin Staker

April 3, 2015

Living Trust Seminar of Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has updated his webinar on living trusts.  The updated video of Kevin Staker is located at

Kevin intends to update it with better sound in the future.

Kevin Staker on Youtube

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The YouTube channel of Kevin Staker is located at  This channel includes videos the trip of the family of Kevin Staker to Kenya in East Africa.  His favorite is when they saw their first bit cat.  Listen to how ecstatic Mari Staker, the wife of Kevin Staker, is during this experience.  That cheetah video is at  To view it still brings tears to my eyes.

March 28, 2015

Kevin Staker Blog on Federal Deficit Reduction

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The blog of Kevin Staker on the reduction of the federal budget deficit is located at  Kevin Staker periodically shares his opinion on the threat of the ballooning federal budget deficit.

The only real fixes are to reduce spending on Medicare, Medic-Aid and the Defense Department.  They make up the largest part of the budget.  Also, we simply need to also raise more revenue.  Kevin Staker will address that subject in more detail in the future.

By Kevin Staker

March 25, 2015

Super Lawyer Site Regarding Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has been rated as a “Super Lawyer” by the Super Lawyer website.  The site is found at

Kevin Staker is an estate planning attorney.  The main office of Kevin Staker is in Camarillo, California.

By Kevin Staker


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