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May 25, 2016

More Information on Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has a professional biography page at  A sub-page of that site has a number of links with pages relevant to Kevin Staker and is found at

Avvo is an informative site with valuable information on attorneys.  The listing of Kevin Staker is found at

Kevin Staker “tweets” fairly often.  The Twitter feed of Kevin Staker is at  Kevin Staker usually focuses on politics and estate planning.

Many individuals have commented on rhe California living trust video seminar of Kevin Staker.  The site is at  This “webinar” better informs the viewer about estate planning with a living trust.  The webinar also is a good introduction to Kevin Staker, and many have commented how they feel they have come to know Kevin Staker through this video and so have felt comfortable having him assist them with their living trust.

The pretty comprehensive CV of Kevin Staker is found at Visual CV.  The link is found at

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