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March 28, 2015

Kevin Staker Blog on Federal Deficit Reduction

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The blog of Kevin Staker on the reduction of the federal budget deficit is located at  Kevin Staker periodically shares his opinion on the threat of the ballooning federal budget deficit.

The only real fixes are to reduce spending on Medicare, Medic-Aid and the Defense Department.  They make up the largest part of the budget.  Also, we simply need to also raise more revenue.  Kevin Staker will address that subject in more detail in the future.

By Kevin Staker

March 25, 2015

Super Lawyer Site Regarding Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has been rated as a “Super Lawyer” by the Super Lawyer website.  The site is found at

Kevin Staker is an estate planning attorney.  The main office of Kevin Staker is in Camarillo, California.

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Medi-Cal Site on Google Sites by Kevin Staker

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Kevin Staker has a site on Google that explains the basics of Medi-Cal planning.  It is tragic how many times we see people who spend their money on long term care in a nursing home when  it is so easy to almost all people to qualify.  A significant part of the practice of Kevin Staker involves planning to qualify for Medi-Cal to pay for nursing home care.  The google site is a good introduction.

By Kevin Staker

Best Site for Kevin Staker Videos is at Vimeo

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Kevin Staker videos are best found at Vimeo, at  Some of the videos include the living trust seminar presented by Kevin Staker.   Some of the other videos include the trip of Kevin Staker and his family to Kenya.