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January 19, 2016

Various Sites Regarding Kevin Staker

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The site regarding Kevin Staker is found at  There are a number of reviews of Kevin Staker, living trust attorney in Camarillo, California, on  Kevin is an AV rated attorney under the Martindale-Hubbell system.  He receives a 4.8 of 5 stars rating on the site.

Kevin Staker can also be found on Twitter at  Kevin has begun to tweet more often.  However, not as often as he should.  There are a few places where what he writes gets published also.  One of those places is tumblr blog of Kevin Staker showcases his views on the threat of the federal budget deficit.

It is fascinating that the yelp site on Kevin Staker does not have any reviews.  This site is found at  If you are a client of Kevin Staker please post an honest (but hopefully good) review of Kevin Staker as a Camarillo living trust attorney.

It is also interesting that the personal facebook site of Kevin Staker fails to have much visibility.  This site is found at  The business facebook site of Kevin Staker is on the other hand found at  This site is more visible.  Interesting how this gets placed in its priority.  This work is paying off to drive negative item lower in visibility.  However, this is taking quite a bit of work.

Next, Kevin Staker intends to make his blogspot site a site on Medi-Cal planning for long term care.  This will take a bit of work.  This site is found at  It is important to put out this information.  It is amazing home many waste their money on paying for long term care in a nursing home when Medi-Cal will pay.

Finally, the Xing profile of Kevin Staker can be found at


We shall see if this gets noticed more.

By Kevin Staker



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