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May 5, 2010

Finally Some Sign of Rousing to Action in the Senate

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Reporters from Politico and the Hill report that Senator Baucus, Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, says his committee is trying to take some action regarding the estate tax. They both quote the Senator as follows:

“I’d like to do a small business bill soon,”

“I’ll know more about the estate tax in a few more days,” he said. “It’s going on this week at the staff level and will on the [member] level later on this week.”

Baucus told The Hill that talks on the estate tax will soon involve members.

Baucus intends to address the estate tax issue as part of a small business incentives bill.

It is encouraging that it is reported that Senator Baucus has been consulting with Senator Grassley, the Republican leader of the Committee, and with Rep. Sander Levin, his counterpart in the House.

The reporter for the Hill is Jay Heflin.  Jay has been doing an excellent job of reporting on estate tax developments in Congress, this blog has quoted his reports several times before.  His article is at

The reporter for Politico is David Rogers.  His article is at

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